Additional views for lock investigations

The lock analyses is one of important step in problem detection, also lock analyses can help to improve performance.

The standard views for analyses is: v$lock and v$session_wait

But Oracle Corp. suggest use additional views for more powerful and fast lock analyzes:

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Host credentials when using DBcontrol 10gR2 on Windows

Some operations via web interface require a Host credentials.

You can use «oracle owner» user or create additional user, but you should give additional specific system privilege for this user: Log on as a batch job .

How you can it:

1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy
2. Open Security Settings > Local Security Policies > User Rights Assignment
3. Double-click on Log on as a batch job from the list of privileges in the right pane.
4. Click on Add User or Group … and enter the name of the OS user whose credentials are being used as the preferred credentials for the host.
5. Click ‘OK’ twice.