«Flexible» protocol buffer implementation.

Every body knows about protobuf from Google team. It is very useful and effective protocol for data exchanges.

«Protocol Buffers are a way of encoding structured data in an efficient yet extensible format. Google uses Protocol Buffers for almost all of  its internal RPC protocols and file formats.»

For my project I need to implement specific router for messages from different clients. So my router (receiver) should be able to read (parse) body of message in order to get information about for routing. But I couldn’t predict all protobuf message format on design phase, as result I should analyze message format on runtime.

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Перевод статьи «Введение в Lucene»

Lucene logo Перевел статью по индексированию и поиску с использование Lucene API, работающие примеры на Java.

автор Erik Hatcher (01/27/2005) источник
перевод Сергей Лукин
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