Non-interactive (silent) install Oracle


The non-interactive (silent) installation Oracle’s products are very usefully if you going to deploy on multiple servers or your server doesn’t have GUI.

You should complete following speps for install Oracle’s products in silent mode:

1) Prepare response file, this file consist answer on question which would answered in dialog mode.

You can choose on of two variant for this action:

a) Edit template for response file (folder response in your installation CD)

b) You can run test installation with recording all answers into file (this feature available from 9.2 version).

setup -record -destinationFile <response file>

2) Second step — it is running Universal Installer in silent mode:

setup -silent -destinationFile <response file>

Also, if you want deinstall product in silent mode — use following command:

setup -deinstall -silent -responseFile <response file>

This short instuction tested on Oracle RDBMS 10g release 2 and Oracle RDBMS 9i release 2 on windows-32 platform, but you can use this advice for any platform and for other version of products.

Additional information:

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